Resultado Global 14 & 15/feb/2020
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6. Salinas Race. Clasificación General
Viernes. 6. Salinas Race CLASIFICACIÓN G[...]
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6. Salinas Race. Categorías
Viernes. 6. Salinas Race CLASIFICACIÓN C[...]
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11.Vuelta Playa Blanca. Carrera 1
Sabado. 11.Vuelta Playa Blanca - Race1.p[...]
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11. Vuelta Playa Blanca. Carrera 2
Sabado. 11.Vuelta Playa Blanca - Race2.p[...]
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HANDBIKE_LANZAROTE 2020 (Completo con Viernes y Sabado)
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Dear participants of Vuelta Playa Blanca
In the second road race we had a major crash in the fourth lap which forced the organization to stop the race. Instead of having no results we decided to use the times after the third lap. Participants with the same time got the same points for the overall event ranking as well for the EHC ranking. In this situation it was the most fair solution in our opinion. This was the most visual in the MH3 division with 3 1st places, 2 4th places and 2 9th places. Hopefully you understand how we had to make this decision and understands why we did this.
Kind Regards,
Event comité and EHF representatives.

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